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Don’t Buy Monuments Online! Here’s Why

A laptop computer with an image of online monument seller with cheap price.

The price is enticing. So is the promise of ease and fast delivery. But be very careful. Monuments should never be purchased from online sellers. Here’s why.

Why You Should Never Purchase a Monument from an Online Seller

  • You will likely get a low-grade granite. Like diamonds, granite comes in various grades. Purchasing from a monument company with a physical location ensures you get the best quality granite for the price.
  • Poor craftsmanship. Anyone can put pretty photos of quality monuments on a website. Often, though, the product received is poorly crafted. The wording and images aren’t legible from just a few feet away. At a physical monument retailer, you can see actual samples of the company’s work.
  • No knowledge of the cemetery regulations where your loved one is being laid to rest. Often, people ordering from online monument sellers get a product that isn’t permitted in the cemetery because it doesn’t meet regulations. Now the buyer has a monument that can’t be used.
  • Lack of service. Who is going to install the monument once it arrives? If something goes wrong, who is the contact at the online seller? If a monument needs to be returned for a refund, who pays for the return shipping?
  • No Pre-Need service. If you buy a monument online for your own future need, who stores the monument until that time? Who will install the monument when it’s needed and who will provide the engraving of the death date.

Why You Should Buy a Monument from a Storefront Monument Retailer

  • Personal service. Few people understand the monument-creation process. Working with a brick-and-mortar monument company means you have someone to support you through the process of purchasing and creating a monument from the design to the installation. If there is a problem, you know who to contact.
  • Knowledge of cemetery regulations. You won’t be stuck with a monument that can’t be installed at the burial site of your loved one because it doesn’t meet cemetery regulations.
  • Quality craftsmanship. You can see other monuments created by a storefront monument company and how well they’re made. A storefront monument company uses high-grade granite that lasts for centuries.
  • Reliable referrals. You can ask others in the community about their experience with a local company.

Don’t be lured by the siren song of inexpensive monuments available online. You get what you pay for.

At Oldham Monument, we walk with you through the entire monument creation process from design and granite selection to installation. We ensure you receive a monument that is beautiful and tells your family’s story for many generations.