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Remembering Pets with Pet Memorials

Artwork with photos of pets and their likeness in a pet memorial.

Pets fill our lives with love and laughter. When they pass, it often feels like losing a human friend or member of the family. Many people want to memorialize their pets when they pass. A very common way of memorializing a pet is with a memorial stone.

Memorial Stones for Pets

Just as with a human memorial, a pet memorial can be purchased pre-made or custom-designed. They can be made of the same materials such as granite, metal, or marble.

When planning a pet memorial stone, consider where the stone is being placed. A good place for a pet memorial stone is in a garden, the pet’s favorite spot in the yard, or a burial site in a pet cemetery. Consult the owners of a pet cemetery for cemetery regulations about memorial stones before ordering one.

Once the stone’s placement is determined, then decide if a pre-designed memorial stone or a custom-designed stone is what is desired and the budget for that stone. Oldham Monument is happy to design a pet memorial with an image of the pet engraved in the stone along with the pet’s name and a meaningful poem or saying about the pet.

Ideas for Wording on a Pet Memorial Stone

  • You Left Pawprints On Our Hearts
  • Always By Our Side, Wherever We May Go
  • Our Lovely Girl
  • Our Handsome Boy
  • Loyal and Faithful Friend
  • My Best Friend

Pet Cremation Urn

Pet owners often opt for the cremation of their pet’s remains. A cremation urn for a pet is a nice option for keeping a pet’s ashes. A traditional urn that is also used for humans is an option.

Another option is an urn made of stone carved to resemble a rock. This urn can be kept outside in the garden or the pet’s favorite place in the yard as a decorative piece.

The pet’s name, information, and a nice memorial saying can be carved into an urn made of stone.

When considering what size urn to use for storing a pet’s ashes, consider that each pound a pet weighs before passing equals one cubic inch of ash when cremated.

This article offers good information about the process of cremating a pet.

Memorial Plaques

A brass or bronze plaque memorializing a pet can be hung on a wall inside or outside a home, or placed on the ground. The plaque can be custom-designed with an image of the pet, the pet’s name, and whatever wording will fit nicely on whatever size plaque is chosen.

A metal plaque is a lasting pet memorial that takes up very little space and can be placed on just about any wall or on the ground. One of the benefits of a bronze plaque memorial is that it is low enough to the ground to mow over making it virtually maintenance-free.

Ask us how we can help you honor and memorialize your special animal family member. We’re happy to assist with finding just the right pet memorial that fits your needs and budget.